Sweet Hearts ~ a anime charakter TCG

I'm glad that you got lost on the small or daring TCG. Here are anime character decks created and maybe you like here and collect with all together. Just look around.

Weekly Update Time

10/09/2018 ~ Leonii ~ Comments (11)

Level Ups + Masters + Games +
Hey wonderful to see you again. The work was very long yesterday so the update is only now. I am very happy about the whole donation and I am happy about more.

Yes, the week had a layout change. There are now two small event cards.

I also give you small update freebies again.

Update Freebies: take 2 cards in this Border Color PURPLE & ORANGE

Greetings Leonii
See you again on 10/16/2018!

Event Cards

Event Cards: ev-layout1, ev-layout2


Wish by Selena: 3 orange, purple, or green choice cards in celebration of Halloween!
No more than 1 per deck.

Wish by Sabrael: Since we are still in Prejoin and could use more decks, how about another month of double donation?
This is a wonderful wish, and so each of you may have the month 12 Regular Decks and 8 Special Decks Donation.

Wish by Sorcha: I wish for an update with double deck releases!
Yes why not all the more diversity you have to trade and collect.

Wish by Lex: 2 choice cards that start with the same letter!
No more than 1 per deck.

Wish by Leonii: Spelling out CANDY!
No more than 1 per deck.

Deck Release

You may take a total of 12 cards.
No more than 2 per deck!.
For donated the deck than you take 1 extra card.
For wished the deck than you take 1 extra card.
Comment with what you take!

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