Sweet Hearts ~ a anime charakter TCG

I'm glad that you got lost on the small or daring TCG. Here are anime character decks created and maybe you like here and collect with all together. Just look around.

First Release

09/11/2018 ~ Leonii ~ Comments (12)

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Hey you sweetie.
It´s time today. The first deck release takes place. Immediately every week. Oh yes, as long as the Prejoin phase is yours you can get your Prejoin bonus here. So for this wonderful day, there is also a small event card. Hope you like them.

Update Freebies: spelling out FIRST RELEASE!
No more than 2 per deck!.

I hope you are happy. These are the sets you voted for.

Greetings Leonii
Next Release Day is the 09/18!

Event Cards

Event Cards: ev-firstrelease, ev-10members


Wish by Selena: Spelling out SEPTEMBER.
No more than 2 per deck.

Deck Release

You may take a total of 6 cards.
No more than 2 per deck!.
For donated the deck than you take 1 extra card.
For wished the deck than you take 1 extra card.
Comment with what you take!

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